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Toy Hunter


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Introducing the LEGO Toy Hunter!

Everyone knows Jordan Hembrough; a renowned toy dealer and ultimate Toy Hunter, takes toy-picking to a new level as he takes on collections from some of the most popular cities in the US and the world! His reputation for having the most sought after, rarest finds has labelled him the "in-demand dealer" that everyone wants to have evaluate their stash. Will Jordan be able to track down the ultimate find that he needs? 

In this LEGO set Jordan and Steve are at comic con with a huge selection of toys for sale. Each mini toy box could be either printed onto brick or in sticker and then attached *Box designs to be finally chosen by LEGO boxes shown in the images are for example only not final product design. The set would come with a Jordan Hembrough and Stephen Savino Minifigs.

We think this will be a great set for any LEGO fan also fans of the Toy Hunter TV Series. The set is made of 359 pieces but this number may change in the final Lego Review. 


We have spoken to Jordan Hembrough the toy hunter himself and showed him the designs and possibilities for this set and he told us the following....

"This is a set that Fans of the TV series have been asking for, for many years. I think LEGO is the perfect company to make such a fun and fan favourite item!"


If you have never seen Toy Hunter before watch the video below.

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