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Train Crossing Canyon

Here is a LEGO Train Crossing a River structure I built. The story behind this build is that earlier, I was messing around with a few grey LEGO pieces and a few blue LEGO pieces (which I use normally use in my builds as rock and water including this one). I tried putting them together. With them together, I came up with around half of what you see without the train track. I liked what I had built and wondered what more could I could build using that technique. Then a train crossing a canyon came to my mind. So after a lot of work, I built it and that is what you have here. My favorite part about this build is where the rock hits the water which also was one of the hardest parts to build.

If you have any compliments or suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments.

This build took a while to build, so please support it.

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