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Heailenregarr Outpost


This isn’t a surprise for anyone, it is as well part of my Fantasy Series. Deep into the Dark Forest, one of the legendary Beast Crystals, wich is known to make powerful anyone who shall possess it, has been guarded by the elite men of the Heailenregarr Outpost. In years, many clans attempted to steal it, and yet no one has ever succeeded, nor returned from this journey. But one day, the Dragon Clan, feared and respected for it’s godly strength, tried to take it. No one knows the issue of the battle, and unfortunately, no one has came out alive to tell. But something happened down there, something terrible, and abnormal. The mystery will stay unsolved forever....

Suddenly I felt like making something bigger, with more mini-figures and action. I added way more details than the other creations i made. The landscaping was improved as well. I put my heart and soul into it. At the beginning I wasn’t satisfied of the result. So i just made it all over again. And this came out. I am pretty proud of myself.

This set would be unlike the other Lego products, since no medieval nor fantasy themes were created in years, except one theme that hasn’t lasted long, i’ll let you guess what it was. I think kids would be amazed to receive that kind of gift for whatever event. At least, I would have. Thats why it has it’s chances of succeeding. 

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