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Lunar New Year of the Ox

This is the build of celebrating the Lunar New Year 2021. Every single item in this build is the element of the traditional preparation in our family.

Since this year is the year of the Ox, one Ox man and one Ox lady is built. The Ox man is wearing the tradition costume and the Ox lady is wearing with her brand new colourful clothes, these are what we used to do at the first day of the festival and then going out to visit our family or friends. The Brickheadz technique is used when building these two characters.

We used to decorate our home with various kind of flowers and indeed each kind comes with some meanings behind. The tradition says Peach Blossom would help you better human relationships with friends, lovers and workmates while the Narcissus would bring you fortune and happiness.

There are also others elements like the red lanterns and fire crackers. One of the rumours about these two things was that the Nian monster was afraid of these two things, so people used to put them outside their home so that the Nian monster would not come of attack their family.

Finally, a frame of the traditional pattern was built and much time was spent on the corners about the interfacing between the lateral and longitudinal directions, in terms of the pattern continuity, connectivity and collision-less.

Certainly some parts of the build could be improved, but I just want to issue this post during the festival.

Anyway, blessing every one of you, all the best in the year 2021 of the Ox from Hongkonger! 

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