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Semi Truck RV


Semi Truck RV

Take the ride of your life with this Semi Truck RV, and forget all of your old regular-day activities! 

  • This RV is designed to be at minifigure scale (with a little extra height) and has two pop-outs. The smaller pull-out is a small, yet comfortable living room. It has a coffee table, a couch, a side table, tv and even the Declaration of Independence! The larger pull-out is the formal dining/kitchen. It has a small sink on one side, a table in the middle, and a stove and counter on the opposite side. 
  • When entering in through the door, a plate slides out making an easy step right inside. Turn to your left as you walk in and you will find a small ladder leading up to the large bed that boasts a small reading light. At the very back, hidden behind the larger pull out, you will find a small "restroom" that only consists of a small sink and toliet. The roof of the RV has some details and can be removed in two sections. First the front, then the back. 
  • In one of the pictures it shows an open view of the camper with the larger pull-out removed. Near the (closed) small pull-out, a shelf with a plant and a trophy stand alone, but on the other side a crate holds a few supplies and above it clips hold some much needed tools.

Why does the semi truck have 6 wheels in the back? 

  • The reason the truck has six wheels in the back is because of the size and weight of the camper. If the truck was made with only 4 wheels, it might make the truck look too small.  So I took on the challange of making the scale of the semi truck similar to what it is pulling. 
  • The semi truck has a removable roof and is big enough to hold at most three minifigures. The way that the RV connects to the semi truck is very clever. I used Technic pins and some other pieces and made a hitch that provides movement when going up or down a hill or over a brick.
  • Finally, the additional pieces are both sides to the entrance of a campground. Where will they go? Only you can imagine it! This build has two minifigures and borrows the use of mid-legs. Do you know where they're from? Harry Potter™of course! Many Harry Potter™easter eggs can be found around the camper.

Extra information:

  • The semi truck has some history in it. Do you know what it is? Comment below!
  • The stone campgrounds welcome sign is made for the application of a sticker, along with the other "warning sign" and tv. Other stickers could be added for a bit more visual attention to the cups and or other things.
  • This creation is built out of an estimated 1,300 pieces. I did not take the time to count them all but I am going to assume otherwise. If anyone else thinks it has more or less pieces let me know. I will gratefully take any help.

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