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Model of the BOUNTY Boat

My father was a sailor, and he loved building wooden models of different boats. And he created a window to showcase one of his models: THE BOUNTY.

Being a fan of bricks, I thought it would be interesting to have a brick set representing an old boat with a display case which would make a magnificent set to collect.

So I was inspired by its window and its “LE BOUNTY” model to realize this idea.

Concerning the window, it is identical to the one he built, in wood, with 3 spotlights, and the name of the boat marked in wood, I hesitated to put transparent bricks to simulate the windows but the result was not clean.

For the boat, I made the “BOUNTY” with the colors of one of its replicas for the needs of a film. Indeed, the “BOUNTY” is an English boat which was supposed to find and transport supplies. He became famous because of a mutiny that took place on April 28, 1789, and his story was covered in several movies.

For the boat, I preferred pieces for the sails rather than fabric because I like the fact that I recognize a set of bricks with visible tenons. I also made a part that can be removed in order to see part of the hold.

I think this set would be a wonderful piece for people who love boats but also for any collectors who love beautiful sets.

The boat on its base measures 26.3 x 5.7 x 20 inches (67 x 15 x 51 cm).

The complete set contains 2535 parts and measures 29 x 10.2 x 24.1 inches (74 x 26 x 61 cm).

Please support this project if, like me, you like this idea.

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