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The Skull Temple Fortress

May I introduce you to: The Skull Temple Fortress – a pirate keep, built on the remains of a ruined temple.
It can only be entered by boat through a mighty skull gate. It is reasonably equipped with guns, offers a prison cell and a treasure chamber and – of course – a shark tank! Larger goods can be hauled in by crane. There is also a lounge-quality throne deck. It can only be found by following the light of the flickering eyes of the tallest temple figure, which acts as a lighthouse.
I came up with the idea when I brought down my LEGO-chest from the attic. This was at that time when life suddenly slowed down a lot and offered much more time for challenging indoor activities. As a kid, I was a big fan of the Lego Volcano Island (6248-1), so I tried something similar and managed to build a working skull gate mechanism that included not only the skull but also some crossed bones. Well, the gate alone doesn't make much sense, so I built the rest around it. The idea was to build the one pirate castle I as a kid would have dreamed of!
The focus is on moving parts, traps and such, as well as easy accessibility. I have tried to include as many functions as possible:
  • Skull Gate: When you turn the knob on the platform, the skull lifts up and the crossed bones make room at the same time.
  • Lighthouse figure: The figure's head contains a LEGO light element that glows through its eyes. The head can be moved in all directions by turning a knob on the back of the figure.
  • A trapdoor: There is a trapdoor that is triggered by removing the small statuette next to it. A lever on the outside can be used to adjust a slide that directs the unfortunate into the prison cell or drops him directly into the shark tank.
  • Escaping the prison: The window of the prison cell can be blown out by moving the palm.
  • Falling plank: The plank above the shark tank can be dropped by turning the small statuette.
  • Headnut: If the leader becomes too arrogant, the head of the figure above the throne can be dropped by removing the palm leaves behind it.
  • The rock facades can be opened to gain access to the interior, the treasure room and the captain's quarters.
  • The entire structure can be opened up.
Finally it has to be mentioned, that it is built with what there was to find in my LEGO chest, so it somehow is limited regarding certain parts or colours.
Well, I hope you guys like it. It was fun to build anyway.
Special thanks to Matthias for taking the photos and sharing the fun!

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