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Golden Gate Bridge – Architecture Series


I really enjoy and admire the Architecture series that Lego has started producing, so I propose that it is time for Lego to make a Lego architecture set based on the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic American landmark that everybody knows. This set would make a fantastic display piece anywhere in the house.

The length will be 52cm/20 Inches (64 studs), its width would be 6cm/2 Inches (8 studs) and its height is 13cm/5 inches (11 studs). All together the model would consist of 726 bricks, which is great for any lego enthusiast and an amazing shelf piece.

Each member can only vote once. If you want this set to become reality and for Lego to work its magic and make it even better, make sure that you spread the word however you can. Please spread the word. You could do it by social networking or by telling your Lego loving friends. It will bring us one step closer to having an amazing and desirable set for both children and adults who love Lego alike.

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