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Wolfpack Mountain Retreat


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While others are obsessed with fighting and glory, the Wolfpack have only one wish: money. They are a feared group of renegades, and they won't let anything or anyone stop their quest for riches. Although they are far fewer in number than any other faction with less equipment, troops and fortifications, they are organized enough to create the Wolf coat of arms. For this reason, they have taken over this abandoned castle, the Wolfpack Mountain Retreat!

They are similar to the Forestmen that came before them but not so noble. They are scruffy and shifty looking, wearing hoods instead of caps. The Wolfpack are a small bandit faction, destined to be the underdog in any fight, and this mountainous sanctuary is the perfect hideout for them.

  • Dilapidated bridge
  • Blacksmith
  • Practice target and dummy
  • Throne room
  • Royal chambers
  • Royal treasure
  • Hidden entrance
  • Kitchen
  • Barracks
Includes Wolfpack minifigures and their pet dog/wolf/husky.

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