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Backgammon and Checkers - Double-Sided Game Board


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Backgammon.  It's one of the oldest known games in existence and played throughout the world.  Now build it and play it in LEGO form!

I have a passion for LEGO and Backgammon, and so I've brought my two loves together in this LEGO Ideas project.  

On the one side, you have Backgammon.  The playing area has been designed around the width of a 2x2 round tile as the playing piece.  Hence the 5 plate width of each board point. The playing area is a series of single-width plates stacked with brackets built into to connect it to the opposite side of the board.

On that opposite side, we have Checkers, another timeless classic.  A checker board isn't all that impressive and there are certainly other sets, particular LEGO Chess sets that have included pieces to play Checkers, but I just thought a double-sided board would be really fun and exciting to own and build.

As you can see, using a 3x3 square scale for the Checker board fits perfectly with the dimensions of the Backgammon board.

And speaking of LEGO Chess, this could become a 3-in-1 game set with the inclusion of Chess pieces, but there are so many LEGO Chess sets in existence I decided to skip designing those.  If you think that including Chess pieces is a good idea, please let me know in the comments.

Aesthetically speaking, I went for a very minimalist approach.  Both sides have plates with studs on the edges to make it 

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