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The Dragon's Lair

Hello, fellow builders! I'm starting this month with yet another medieval build; it's been a common theme lately! I hope you enjoy it!

The dragon was pretty fun to make as I have never tried to make one with that much detail before. I went with a more unique design for the dragon's features, making a very distinct snout, inset eyes, and hair like horns on his head. I thought about putting horns farther down his neck, but reasoned that it would overcrowd the cave. 

Also, I went with a unique color scheme, dark blue with brown stripes. The stripes were originally red, but I thought it made the dragon look a little too evil, and I liked the neutral colors better. 

As far as the rest of the model, my three favorite things were the stump and branching root system, the not-so-brave warrior on the hill side, and the cave. I tried to utilize SNOT (studs not on top) using hinges and brackets to make it more detailed and life like.

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