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Big Movie Theater


My next project is the movie theater.  This big version has a concession stand to buy a ticket and popcorn and soda, a kitchen to cook hot dogs and burgers and other hot food, restrooms, arcades, ATM's, and of course a stadium seating movie theater with wall-to-wall screen and a projection booth complete with 3D glasses.  Some images represent each character's time in the theater, such as a mother worried about where her son is while he was exploring and didn't notice the usher asking him for his movie ticket.  Also, a peeping tom sneaking in the lady's bathroom but is in for some trouble after the lady's done washing her hands and is about to give him a piece of her mind.  Hope you folks enjoy this model, even though it's a bit too big.


P.S.  The small version of the movie theater is coming soon.

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