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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - 3 Working Challenges of the Grail Temple


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Indiana Jones is probably one of the most iconic figures in Hollywood movies and well known by his fedora and whip! This Ideas entry is based on the 3rd film of the Indiana Jones series: The last crusade!
Check out the video on my Youtube channel to see how Indiana Jones passes through the traps and makes his way to the cave of the grail knight:

This movie ist probably the best one within this series up to date! Therefore it´ s time to honor a great movie with an awesome Lego Ideas Set that includes everything an Indiana Jones Fan would love to call it his or her own!
"When we get to Alexandretta, we will face 3 challenges." - Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.
As a huge fan of the film I wanted to create the three challenges of the temple at the end of the movie - which is one of the highlights of the film. Originally intended to be a display set I decided to add more fun and playable features to it during the build!
So this set is not only for display purposes!
In addition I created all 3 Traps which can be triggered independently from each other to let Indiana pass or fail on the challenges - your choice!

A few words on the challenges and the "brick build" trap explanation:
1. Don´ t loose your head - the first trap

By turning the round brick on the side of the build you trigger the mechanic and two blades appear. One out of the floor, the other one out of the wall… partially delayed to cut off his head or body. Will Indiana manage to get through the first trap?

2. Watch your steps - the second trap
This time the mechanic behind this trap is different than before. If you turn the round brick on the side the first plate marked with a „J“ breaks and Indiana is crumbling down into the deadly abyss. But he is able to grab on of the stones and get back up to the path. By turning the round brick a bit more another plate cracks when he jumps on a plate „O“ while his foot is touching the plate with the letter „P“ (as seen in the movie)…
3. The invisible path - the third trap
The lion’s head is a figure Indiana finds carved into the face of a rock wall leading to a bottomless cliff.
Once again I used a round brick which can be turned to let an invisible bridge appear between the rock walls. This transclear bridge lets Indiana Jones pass through the final challenge – but will he choose wisely?
Finally Indiana Jones made it through and meets the old knight. Here he needs to "choose wisely" among a set of many cups, plates, and bowls to drink spring water out of.
Now it´ s up to you to choose wisely and to let this set become real and pass it beyond the great seal of the Lego Ideas plattform!

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