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Box of Tetris Pieces

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Have you ever wanted to play Tetris in real life?

Well you still can't, but this comes pretty close. We took some lego pieces, and we turned them into 2 copies of every Tetris piece you can play with. They're made at a perfect square ratio, so you can spin them just like in the game and still play! It comes in a gorgeous black box with a lid connected with a hinge. On the underside of the lid, there's a LEGO snapshot of a Tetris game, and on the other side, there's a high-quality 3D Tetris logo! So far there haven't been any Tetris lego sets, but we can make it happen! Just support this set and it has a chance to be a real product on store shelves*.

Now, there's a fairly good chance this project won't be accepted, and even if it does it'll take years! So if you want to build this set in the meantime, here's everything you'll need to do it:

If you build the project in real life, make sure to post a picture of it and tell all your friends to support so they can have your awesome set!

Includes 1,836 LEGO® pieces.

* even if project gets 10K supporters, there's about a 1/20 chance of it actually becoming a set

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