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Riot of Realms - Elven Garden/Tree of Abundance


What is Riot of Realms? Right now, I'm a student at a community college, looking into becoming a game designer. Riot of Realms is a game that I would like to make, that will be fantasy based, with many options, abilities, classes, battles, bosses, and PvP opportunities. For my LEGO sets, I will be introducing different ideas, as well as characters and their descriptions.

This set is based off of an idea I have for a defense quest where you defend a tree of healing fruit against a Dark Druid. After coming to the Elven Garden, one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, you meet with the Elder of the garden, and asked to defend the garden from the Dark Druid Alroc. You will then be assigned to work with three other people, either friends or random players, depending on if you invite someone to join you or not.

Alroc has called upon the dark magic of the Demon of Chaos. With it, he is able to summon the dead to fight beside him, a Dark Magic spell called Arise. Each skeleton will have a random set of skills and armor, but none will be a higher level than Alroc.

The Elder sits under a canopy in this set. There, he will perform spells of protection and healing. However, if you becomes weak, the spells will stop and you'll be defenseless.

Now, I will introduce the Player characters that I made for this set.

On the top of the tree we have ElfHunter06. In reality, his name is Jake, and he is in 7th grade. He aspires to become an actor and be in Fantasy Film. His favorite fictional people are the elves, so it's no surprise that he decided to become one. He decided to become a Hunter Soldier, and is equipped with a spear and an axe. He has already completed this mission and recieved a healing apple, but he plans on getting a bunch of these, so he can sell them on the market.

Holding the Frontlines is xAlpha21x, and Human Hunter, who has two crossbows that allow him to dual-wield. He also has a knife in his inventory, for when the enemy gets too close. In real life he's a 28 year old business man who plays on his computer in his office when his boss isn't looking. Now, he's about to recieve a promotion.

MorganaHoudini is a Human Mage who relies on a mix of Dark and Light Magic, creating a chaotic mess. Though she doesn't use minion spells, she does use physical spells, such as Trap Roots, Quicksand, Explosion, Boulder Bash, Angelic Sword, and many others. In real life, he's a teenager who has dropping grades, was kicked out of basketball, and leads the RoR club.

Blade2046 is a Human Hunter who prefers the use of knives over any other weapon, allowing her to have a greater level of Stealth. Equipt with throwing knives, poison knives, spring-launching knives, dual-ended knives, and many others, she is very popular for reaching tenth place in the tournament with only knives. No potions. No minions. In real life, she is a mother who got caught up playing this when her son got her an account for Christmas. Now she plays with him whenever she gets the chance, and even plays by herself from time to time, like today.

Let me know what you think of this set. Below, I will give all the information on the classes and species I have in mind so far.


Class (Description): Species

Trainer (Trains animals and monsters to fight for/with them): Orcs, Humans, Elves, Merfolk

Healer (Uses spells and potions to heal others): Humans, Elves, Merfolk, Angels

Magician (Uses contraptions to fake magic): Humans, Orcs

Mage (Female, uses real magic): Human, Orcs, Elves, Angels, Demons

Druid (Male, uses real magic): Humans, Orcs, Elves, Angels, Demons

Wizard/Witch (Uses magic or potions): Humans

Hunter (Uses mortal weapons): Humans, Orcs, Angels, Merfolk


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