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Lego Chess - Italian Architecture Meets American Rocket Technology

Our younger son Moritz is a passionate chess player and asked me to create a Lego chess set for him. As an architect and avid "space traveler", I was inspired by these two themed worlds.
My idea for a Lego chess set is based on the color change from one main color in combination with the narrow stripes of the second main color, in my case from black and white. This play of material can also be found in Italian churches of the Renaissance, such as in Pisa.

In addition, there is a language of parts and forms reduced to a few basic forms by modern architects such as .dem Ticino architect Mario Botta. At the same time, however, the finished figures also contain echoes of modern technologies such as the Saturn V rocket or the Space Shuttle, both of which are also available as black and white Lego models. In particular, the special Lego bricks of the rocket stages or tips are worth mentioning. Based on the easily recognizable and well-proportioned figures of the pawns, I have developed the other main pieces with a few identical or similar Lego bricks in a recognizable spectrum of shapes as a modern chess set, which also impresses with its color stripes. The figures are easy to distinguish, lie securely in the hand and can be played very well.

In addition, another challenge was the construction of a bend-resistant chessboard, which consists of a sophisticated arrangement of interlocking foundation stones in 2 x 4 under its regular surface with smooth tiles. Based on a 48 x 48 building plate, all 6 x 6 black and white fields can be accommodated in the available space. A single field is formed in the surface of four 2 x 4 tiles and one middle 2 x 2 tile with knob; this ensures a better grip and an easier construction of the game figures.
Finally, the individual playing fields on the sides again appear in their basic color, which gives the game board a simple and modern homogeneity. All in all, the chess game appears shapely and modern as well as very decorative with potential to become a real Lego classic!

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