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Mabel and Dipper Mosaics


About This Project:

This project is a mosaic inspired by one of my favorite T.V. shows of all time, Gravity Falls. The two main characters of the show are Mabel and Dipper. In one of my favorite episodes of the show I think it's called Fight Fighters. Dipper brings a video game character to life to fight a bully for him in the particular episode. At the end of that episode it shows a game menu screen where you can pick your character from Mabel, Dipper, and a couple other characters from the show and they look just like the Mabel and Dipper mosaics presented here. I knew right away when I saw them that I could and would build them with Lego. So most of the time Mabel and Dipper don't look like the mosaics but, I don't have enough Lego bricks to make how they look most of the time otherwise I would have built those. The mosaics look the same on both sides and they stand easily on their minimal bases.

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Happy Building.


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