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The Dart Frogs


The « Dart Frogs » project :

The scientific community has been observing since the 50s a dangerous decline of the amphibian population in the world.

It is estimated that more than 30% of amphibian species are on the way of extinction. This applies not only to frogs but also to salamanders, tritons etc. This phenomenon occurs throughout the world, but the most affected areas are Central America and East Asia.

Like the decline of the bees, there're many probable causes of this collapse. Nevertheless, several main factors can explain it : Deforestation, pollution, global warming and diseases / parasites. Causes which, in large part, are due to the impact of man on his environment, and could be avoided.

Unfortunately, unlike other species, amphibians do not have an excellent reputation among the public, and are too often forgotten in the environmental debate. Which is a serious mistake!

They represent an essential link of the biodiversity, and actively participate in the regulation of the insects population.

If the amphibians were to disappear, it would be a disaster for the environment ! Frogs, for example, are regulating the population of mosquitoes and spiders, which some of them are vectors of diseases. They're also a food sources for many predators, and that would lead to their disappearance aswell.


Why this project ?

I've always been fascinated by the Dendrobates (Poison Dart Frogs), both for their typical colorful aspect and undeserved reputation as "poisonous frogs".

They are, by their unique characteristics, true little wonders of nature.

After discovering that these species were in danger of death, because of the factors said above, I've long sought a way to help to preserve these frogs.

The idea of ​​the "Endangered Species - The Dart Frogs" project came naturally to me, I thought it was a fun and effective way to tell the children and their parents about the dangers these wonderful animals are risking.

Thanks to the international influence of Lego and Lego Ideas, I found interesting to mix my passion for Legos and Dendrobates in a unique project that will have an impact on all the families in the world.


Why should you support this project ?

  1. Because the base of this project is to create a Lego set that is both playful and informative, describing the species of Dendrobates to make them known and to warn about the dangers they incur.

  2. Because it is a way for you to actively participate in the preservation of our planetary environment and help a great cause just with a few clicks !

  3. Because these frogs are beautiful and deserve more attention ;)


Set features:

The set includes 3 Dart Frogs on their respective bases, each representing a part of their environment.

From left to right :

"Dendrobate leucomelas" on a flower.
"Dendrobate auratus" on a tropical leaf.
"Dendrobate azureus" on a tree stump catching a fly.

There is 1937 bricks in the set.


I would like to thank the entire Lego and Lego Ideas team for allowing their fanbase to create and present such projects, it is an incredible and unique initiative.

I also thank the community Lego Ideas for its support and ideas, each day more and more creative, in the name of the Dart Frogs, thank you again :)

Wishing you a good day and, brick on !

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