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Seatron: A Forgotten Classic Space Legend


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Seatron is an unreleased prototype LEGO theme from the Classic Space era. The original theme starred Futuron-styled spacemen exploring an ocean planet teeming with alien lifeforms. This project expounds upon the narrative with new spacecraft, heroes, and adventures.

The story. Decades ago, a special division of Futuron spacemen (known as Seatron) set off to explore the watery depths of the ice planet Krysto, never to return. Their fate has remained unknown... until know. Led by Commander Jens, these new space heroes are off to penetrate the mysterious waters and uncover it's many secrets.

The model. This creation is known as the Seatron Deep Space Flagship. This is technically a starsub; meaning that it can travel through both space and water. This model features powerful hydrogen engines, a functional cargo bay, a specious interior, twin hidden speeders (image #9), and much more. It can comfortably support a crew of 4-6 spacemen, along with plenty of cargo. I have also included a mini Seatron seabed featuring a small wreck from the previous explorers. Just be sure to avoid that hostile alien! The video below shows the starsub functions and features in 3D.

So... why did you build it? I love LEGO's original space sets, particularity from the classic era. I enjoy taking old themes and "revamping" the adventures with new vehicles and narratives. When I came across the unreleased Seatron concept, I had an urge to build my own adventures around this interesting world. My Deep Space Flagship is one of the few Seatron MOCs I have currently designed. I also wanted to try new building techniques and styles which resulted in a curvy, highly-detailed starship concept. 

Does this have potential to make a great LEGO set? Yes, I believe it does. There is a big call from the LEGO fan community for a new original space theme, and this project is built with that kept in mind. The product idea incorporates a bit of familiarity (classic space era) with plenty of novelty. This would appeal to collectors and builders alike across a wide range of interests. The model in particular was crafted for both play and display.

Want to learn more? That's great! Here's what I have been able to find regarding Seatron. I know these are just internet sources... but it's how I learned about it. Enjoy!
It appears prototype Seatron had two color themes in mind (white, black, and red V.S. yellow, black, and blue). I choose the most classic and eye catching color theme. The prototype minifigures were basically Futuron astronauts, so I used the original style with my Spacemen. I used some inspiration from other classic themes like Ice Planet 2002, Aquanauts, and Futuron. 

If you got this far... thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this project. Please consider supporting and sharing! I'm happy to answer any questions and am always looking for ways to improve my projects.

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