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Millennium Falcon concept

Millennium Falcon has been made of old bricks (most of them) in old style (Lego Space style). Colors correspond to the most representative pieces I got when I started building it. Most of bricks (90% at least) come from 90 years and before... My concept has no relationship with last decade official sets (photos support).

This creation has known regular major reshaping while keeping its original size and colors (and ideal) using bricks network exchange to be done like this.

So, I finally succeeded to fix a version with a good playability. I always take care of set's size ratio and robustness to ensure a good interactivity with minifigs.

I have no plan, but I think my set is made of about 2000 pieces for less than 2 kg. Some pieces are not so easy to find and I would like to build it with more appropriate colors.

So, I bet that you may be interested to Millennium Falcon concept and may be help me with your support to get the chance to gain the official Lego support.

Thanks to your support.

The Falcon shape that makes it so unique ! Cockpit, front wings, power generator, radar antenna, bi-laser (normaly quadri but it was not very nice) and much more. Landing gears are retractable.

It is Christmas time inside the falcon. The roof can be opened completely into 8 main parts. There is a main landing ramp (cockpit side) that open and close without forcing. You have a roof access thru a ladder. Traps to transport goods (or smuggling)

A famous star wars scene (without R2-D2 ;-).

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