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Six Biomes of the World

Hello again fellow builders! The "Six Biomes of the World" set focuses on six major biomes or representatives of those biomes. I hope that you like it! Let's get started!

First, I will talk about the African savanna display piece. Instead of building a bunch of animals and trees, I decided to build one large giraffe. To suggest that there is vegetation around, I put a leaf piece in it's mouth.

Second, I will discuss the dessert display model. This one contains a lot more wildlife: Two saguaro cacti, a woodpecker, a fruit bat, a rattle snake, and a cute jack rabbit. Also, I thought that adding a small puddle of water would compliment the model nicely.

The third build I want to talk about is the forested mountain display model. I really like aspen, so I had to place them with the pine trees.
I used 1 x 2 modified tiles( which are commonly used as car grills ) as pine needles on the forest floor. I colored the wolves so that they would not blind in with the rock, white and black. Also, I gave the wolves a den in the rock for their home.

On to the fourth model! This is a swamp display piece. The model contains the following: an alligator, a snapping turtle, and three frogs. I placed lilly pads periodically throughout the build. To go along with the swamp theme, I put cat tails on the reeds, using candle pieces.

My fifth model takes place in the arctic. I tried to use lots of slopes to make the snow look smooth and fluffy. I also put holes in the ice for the polar bear to fish through. To imply that the polar bear is fishing I placed a fish in its mouth. I really enjoyed building the bear. Getting its shape right was a challenge, but it was fun. Now, I want to briefly mention a common misconception concerning these bears. Many people think that polar bears are floating helplessly away on ice sheets, but polar bears are actually very good swimmers and have well insulated fur.

We have finally arrived at my sixth display piece, the jungle biome. This build is jam packed with wildlife. The model contains two parrots, four poison dart frogs, a monkey, and a poisonous snake. The tree took a lot of time to make. I used three different colors for the tree trunk and limbs: brown, reddish brown, and dark brown. Originally, I was going to wrap the tree with a green hose piece to make a vine, but that didn't work so well in the Studio software, so I resorted to spiraling leaves around the trunk.

That's all y'all! Thank you for reading and supporting!

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