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Charlie Puth: Voicenotes Tour


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Welcome, my friend! I've been eagerly awaiting your arrival! Well, what are you waiting for? Come in and make yourself comfortable. There is much to show you!

Before we proceed with the show, there are two very important things I must ask of you, so pay close attention. Don’t worry, it won’t take long!  

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If you haven’t heard of Charlie Puth, or you just want to learn more about him and his achievements, then this section is for you!

Charlie Puth, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, is now ready to take the stage –LEGO-style!

Growing up in Rumson, New Jersey, Charlie had always loved the intricacies of music. While his family played a huge role in his early interests of jazz and classical music, this young prodigy was also able to hear notes by ear! It was soon revealed that he had perfect pitch, a rare auditory ability that enables one to identify and recreate musical notes without reference. Charlie used this gift to his advantage and has been producing music ever since. Of course, his dream was always to produce music professionally someday.

Charlie’s path to fulfilling that dream began when he got a full-ride scholarship to Berklee College of Music, completing his education with a degree in music production and engineering. Even years before as a student, his early successes came from YouTube, where he uploaded comedic videos as well as covers, original content, and custom jingles for fellow YouTube personalities. His cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” with his friend, Emily Luther, was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres after its submission for a Perez Hilton contest back in 2011.

Fast forward to 2015, Charlie signed with Atlantic Records and had his previous works removed from iTunes and YouTube. His biggest overnight success was when he wrote, co-produced, and sang “See You Again” with Wiz Khalifa for the late Paul Walker and Furious 7 soundtrack. Having written this song in just 10 minutes with his friend, Justin Franks (DJ Frank E), it peaked at #1 for 12 non-consecutive weeks on the Hot 100 Chart, giving Charlie the big break he had been waiting for.

Charlie felt that this song was bigger than he was, which explained why he rushed to produce and put out his first debut studio album, Nine Track Mind. With mixed reviews and some certified bops, Charlie did not feel like this album truly represented him.

On May 11, 2018, Charlie Puth released his second studio album, Voicenotes. As Rolling Stone called it, this album was “warm R&B nostalgia.” With a fresher and more authentic direction, Voicenotes turned the tables, becoming a highly favored album by critics. Many of the songs enlisted featured Boyz II Men, Kehlani, and James Taylor. He wrote and produced Voicenotes almost entirely on his own, so being nominated “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical” in 2019 by the Grammy Awards meant a lot to him.

With the Voicenotes album being such a hit, it only makes sense to end this introduction talking about the Voicenotes Tour, which is what this LEGO set is all about! Charlie Puth appeared on the Voicenotes Tour in 2018 with Hailee Steinfeld as the opening act. The tour began in Toronto, Canada, took place in 32 North American cities, and concluded in Tokyo, Japan after the Voicenotes Asian Tour was made. Charlie had a blast traveling with his band and performing his songs for fans around the world!

What better way to relive and cherish these memories, as well as pay tribute to the amazing people who made it all possible, than with a detailed LEGO set that captures some of the most iconic moments of the tour? Well, this set was created to do just that!


This set concept includes a highly detailed model of the Voicenotes stage. The set could potentially include more things, such as Charlie Puth's car and home studio. 

The stage was specifically designed to look like Charlie’s actual Voicenotes stage. I researched how the stage looked during many different concerts from the Voicenotes Tour to make sure I would be able to include the most iconic features. Most notable of these features are the two large, angled screens that project highlights of the concert so people in the back can still enjoy the show. I hope those who attended one of these concerts will recognize many of these intricate details.

I also took great care to make sure there was enough room for each band member and their instrument to fit comfortably on the stage. This allows for great play and display possibilities.

In addition to the main build, the set also includes 5 detailed minifigures. The set has the potential to include more minifigures, such as some fan figures to watch the concert. Make sure to check the "Updates" tab for more information about that. 

5 Figures

Charlie Puth – With His Signature Keytar

Darek Cobbs – Keyboard Player

Jan Ozveren – Guitarist

Ray Marshall Jr. – Drummer

Dmitry Gorodetsky – Bass Guitarist


Well, the concert is now coming to a close, so I do hope you had an enjoyable time.
Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. Lastly, please remember to cast your vote for this concept and share it on social media using the hashtag #LEGOCharliePuth.  Mentioning @charlieputh in your posts will help, too. Again, we want to make sure every fan will have the chance to see this, including Charlie!

Your presence here has been much appreciated. Although our time together is coming to a close, I hope our paths will cross again soon.

Until then, "Let the light guide your way..." and may "...every road you take always lead you home."

Sincerely, JediPippin


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