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Duplo Rapunzel's Tower


I'm so happy to present this project that I made for my daughter: Rapunzel's Tower from the movie Tangled

I understand it is a children's project, and it probably won't get many votes. I know there already is a product of the same character, but I wanted to design this project for my two year old daughter  with Duplo bricks so she can play with one of her favorite characters. Here's the result.

The greatest difficulty in tackling this project has been the small number of minifigs in the Duplo range. So I have had to review old and discontinued parts to create the characters or their attributes. 

  • For the character of Rapunzel I used the minifig "Aurora", changing its original skirt by one smaller of an old set of Little Princesses. I made this change because in the movie Tangled, Rapunzel wears a dress that is small, as if Mother Gothel had bought the dress before growing, and not willing to buy another dress. Other attributes of Rapunzel is her pan and her lantern.
  • For Flynn Rider, I had to search through the minifigs finding one quite similar to the character. The biggest difference is the color of the arms, which should be white, but did not want to modify any part, keeping everything as close to the original as possible. Flynn's attribute is his briefcase. It carries the stolen crown.
  • For Maximus I chose a horse with golden mane and brown saddle. I would have liked the horse to catch a sword with his mouth, but that would modify a part of its original state. I also thought of using an old model horse that can move his head, but with time they always end up with the head hanging down.
  • For Mother Gothel, I found a minifig that looked like the character in hair and clothing color. I added the pink skirt and a cape. Her attribute is a brush to benefit from the power Rapunzel's power.
  • Rapunzel's tower is composed of about 80 bricks. It has two distinct parts, the main body and the rooms. The room has a window and windowsill where Rapunzel can peek to watch the floating lights. Fireplace for cooking with her pan, mirror and chair to brush her ​​hair, and treasure chest to store all her clothes like the skirts and the layer. At the top of the room is the bed and the flue of the chimney. 
  • With canoe and lantern, Rapunzel and Flynn may realize their dream.
  • There are some ideas that I would have liked to include, but would have required modifying the original parts: a Duplo brick decorated with Pascal and other Duplo brick decorated with a poster of "Wanted" with the face of Flynn Raider.

The tower is simple to build, but with a solid structure, and it holds up very well during play. The climbing plant and moss add a touch of color and realism to the design, and Flynn can climb the tower for them! I know the colors I've chosen for this project are not the most common in Duplo designs for girls, but I think that yellow, purple and lavender is perfectly associated with the character of Rapunzel.

Thanks for your votes and support.

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