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A 'Pølsevogn' is a Danish restaurant on wheels. The world-famous wagon serves hot sausages with white bread and garnish along with other delicatessen such as bøfsandwich (a kind of burger), sodas and beer and the eternal classic 'Lunken Cocio' (Hot chocolate from a glass bottle). It is for many tourists visiting Denmark, a very tasteful welcome to the oldest kingdom in the world.

A modern Danish hot dog stand has it's own engine, and the wheels under it allows the 'Pølsemand' (restaurateur) a smooth ride to the garage, where he parks his 'Pølsevogn' every night. The 'Pølsevogn' reaches top-speeds at dazzling 10-15 kmh. And also has electricity and water supply.

'Pølsevognene' are a natural part of most major Danish cities, and the classic wagons are a part of Danish culture. As the first city in Denmark, Copenhagen City Council on March 4th 1920 gave permission to sell hot dogs and sausages on the street, and from then it spread to the rest of the country.

The Danes would'nt be without them them, and lovingly refers to them as 'Cold Feet Restaurant' or 'Skinkekuttere' (ham ships). Many a weekend-night, they save hundreds of hungry souls from the clutches of giant American fast food corporations.

The wagons were in the old days managed by the self-employed, but today, most of them have been taken over by the large slaughterhouse corporations. Particularly between 1950 and 1970 the hot dog stand had it's heyday, with approximately 700 'Pølsevogne' throughout the entire country. But since then they lost the market for stationary to the growing number of fast food restaurants.

Fun fact: There is a special 'Pølsevogn' lingo that refers to the menu being served. This had evovled during the years, but ask a dane what a 'skinkelyn', 'krasser', 'Indianer i kano' or a 'ristet med det hele' means - and everyone will know.

So vote for the 'Pølsevogn', you'll love it.

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