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Co-op Store


This is my first POV-RAY LDD creation as usually I brick build these kind of projects.

So say hello to your local Co-op store, help the rural community for years with tools, fencing and irrigation supplies.

This project uses the latest 6 wide shipping container panels to give that Colourbond sheeting effect for the upper walls.

No stickers required as everything is brick built even the sign is brick built and gives the right effect of such a business on the out skirts of a rural town.

This set contains two minifigs, salesperson and farmer (customer) plus 4 shovels, 2 classic spanner/screwdrivers, 1 welding rig and an assortment of brick/technic part built items.

The different kinds of brick/technic part built items are two different irrigation pumps, float valves and lever valves plus out the front is a fence display from which orders for them can be taken by the friendly staff behind the counter.

For a change I do have a part count which is 293 parts including minifigs and a rough price guide of 60 dollars US since there is no vehicle involved in this set.

Though a pick up truck or ute could be added for which the price would be 10 to 20 dollars on top.

if you can see as part of the Lego City range please support and follow, thank you for reading and Brick On everyone ! 


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