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The Iconic Lego Man on a Bench


A few years back I was asked by a colleague at work if I could build something special for his father’s upcoming 85th birthday. He asked me if I could build a small replica of the Lego man who sits on a bench at Legoland Florida, as this had a special place in his father’s heart.

At the time I had never been to Legoland Florida so I relied on photos supplied by my colleague and pictures that I found on the internet to create the model. One thing that struck me was how popular this Lego guy was by the large number of pictures on the web with people posing with him.

My colleague’s Dad was very pleased with his special present and up until recently I had kind of forgotten about it all.

Well, last month I finally got the chance to visit Legoland Florida and managed to bump into the Lego guy. Naturally I had to have a photo with him.

The Lego man on a bench has been around for years and deserves a set in his honour.

I personally feel he would sell pretty well and be a prized display piece in Lego fans homes all over the world.

Not only that he would make a great souvenir from a visit to Legoland.

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