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San Juan Office Building


This is a one modular building out of ten modular buildings in the old San Juan style. Please check out on the updates to see the other modular buildings. 

This is an office building I had some fun with. This and the San Juan Hotel are two of the models in the San Juan series I'm posting here that have some unorthodox sizes. Although this is a 16x32 building which is a standard size, it's not a common size for a corner building. Despite being this size it creates a nice change to the modular building philosophy. The model can be connected to another 16x32 building to create a 32x32 corner building, 

The first floor is a travel agency, complete with a palm tree and a mock beach, while the two other floors are regular offices. The second floor is a regular office with a rather neat water cooler and the third floor is a directors office with a somewhat nicer writing desk, disposable money on the counter and a dumb waiter with a suit. 


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