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Spring Castle

Here is a moc of a small castle surrounded by spring foliage! A trail winds through the stretch of flowers, over the creek and through the trees, into the home of the lonely knight. Bright colors are everywhere, from the trees to the flowers as they bloom, and the butterflies flying around! Birds chirp in the trees, and rabbits drink water from the stream.
This would be a great display piece for your home, having a moderate size and piece count (around 2,000). The reason this would be a great set is that that although the sets being produced by Lego are amazing, there are no castles using techniques of this category. It has much texture, but it is very easy to build, being very stable made mostly of SNOT bricks, tiles, and 1x2 jumper plates. The trees are also a very simple technique, stable enough to make into an actual set. This child be a fun challenge for older builders, and a fantastic display piece. It also contains many useful bricks in light grey, as well as leaves, green and olive green plates, transparent blue plates and tiles, and foliage, all of which are desired by many moc builders, which would make it a good set to get for the pieces as well.
If you want this set, support to make it a reality!

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