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Star Wars Rebels Phantom


Here is a more detailed version of the Phantom ship from the STAR WARS REBELS cartoon.The top lifts off to allow for minifigs to be placed in the cockpit, folding seats or they can hold on to the hand rails. The folding wings are similar in design to those found on LEGO's version of ship but have three sections rather than two. The rear hatch also opens to allow minifigs to enter and leave the ship. Although the two 3x6 windscreens look pretty good as the window for the cockpit the model would certainly benefit if it had a newly designed 5x6x2 similar in shape to the one used in LEGO's original model. I believe that the LEGO Designers could make this model even better and produce it as an affordable minifig scale UCS. Finally, if the set included one or two new minifigs (Zeebo, Bail Organa, etc.) think it would sell very well.

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