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Learning How to Surf/ Selling / Renting Shop


This is my Lego Ideas. It is called Learning How To Surf/ Selling/ Rent Shop Building Set. The set comes with 4 seagulls, 4 surf boards, water, sand, a life guard, a flag and flag pole, five starfish, some  customers, three employees, a building with roof and security cameras, some money, a police bike, a safe, a credit card reader/ gift card reader, a first aid kit, a store sign, two lunch boxes, a cell phone, a walkie talkie, and a telephone and telephone holder. I made this set yesterday because i see that they make a set for Lego Friends but there is nothing for the guys or for Lego City Set. This set is very easy to make. Please feel free to vote on this set and share with your friends and tell them to vote for this set also!

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