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Minifig Art Gallery


Game #1

Can you find the connections between the 'painting-minifigs' and the minifigs?

Answers are below ;)

1.) American Gothic - The minifigs are gothic, as well

2.) Mona Lisa - Leonardo who painted it, and it is also a TMNT's name

3.) Van Gogh: Self-portrait - The minifig lost the half of his headphone, just like Van Gogh his ear

4.) Girl with a Pearl Earring - Scarlett Johansson who played her in the movie, and Black Widow, too


Exhibition #6

Lego Lisa Posters


Exhibition #5

Classic Sculptures in a New Way- Discosman, Lego Dave, Thinker



Exhibition #4

Sculptures of Nathanos


//I received a nice comment from Nathanos, so I decided to accept the challenge

"NathanosFor the next exhibit at the brick gallery you should just put up 3 sculptures of my sigfig. "//


The 3 scultures are made of marble, vax and bronze

I hope you like it! :)


Temporary Exhibition #3

Stud Creation - a place for your own creation, arrange these bricks however you like.

Now you are the artist and this is your exhibition!


Temporary Exhibition #2

Bionic Parts - representing the modern art


Temporary Exhibition #1

Maquettes of Ancient Architecture 




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