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Classic Space Dropship

This spaceship is inspired by a more modern design than classic 80s spaceships, although I did want to include as much detail as possible with fewer pieces. This model comes in at 1197 parts!

Some features include:
  • Four Classic Spacemen (Dark Red, Dark Purple, Dark Turquoise, and Dark Tan).
  • Each of the spacemen can be used for different tasks, such as repairman or captain.
  • Space blasters, tools and fuel tanks.
  • Rubber ducky for good luck.
  • "Emoti-tron" mech robot that has interchangeable and very expressive faces!
  • Fully detailed interior with seating for up to six Classic Spacemen.
  • Oxygen tank rack.
  • Cockpit with seats for the captain and co-pilot, gunner.
  • And many more details!

This was also inspired by the upcoming Classic Space Alien in the Collectable Minifigure Series 22. I wanted to create something other than a building, and found it to be a great challenge with so many options and ways a spaceship could be designed. Let me know what you guys think, and if you'd like to see any other color combinations of the spaceship, or different colored spacesuits!

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