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Chemistry Laboratory


This project is one of my four laboratories, the chemistry laboratory. The project includes lots of little details to give it a real laboratory feel as well as making it an interesting build.The project also has interactive features to allow playability.

The project includes two chemists, a mass balance to weigh out chemicals, a Bunsen burner, a computers to record and input data, a periodic table on the wall and cupboards, shelves and drawers full of chemicals.

Safety is of the utmost importance in a chemistry lab so the project contains lots of little details so the scientists stay safe. Safety arrows on the floor to show where to exit, a decontamination shower for when experiments go wrong, two fire extinguishers and a fume cupboard to conduct experiments safely.

Just for a bit of fun the image on the computer screen is the chemical formula for ABS plastic. The building blocks that make up Lego.

A great project to practise science.

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