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Fast Food Shop


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This building flips open! Has 2 stories! Also has a kitchen, tables, checkout and passage to roof view! Amazingly designed curtains! Food for all your minifigures, and can create plenty of scenes! 

This handy fast food shop consists of four rooms: two for the chef's kitchen (contains sink etc. for washing up, oven, drawers for pots and pans and more) a checkout (with a TV behind the desk for customers to watch) and a dining area (for the minifigures to sit down and eat the various items available). Open and close-able, it folds up in a way so that all the building's interior designs make sense and looks great from the outside.

The exterior is also great,with the built in staircase and doors that give easy access to all rooms. The roof has plenty of space to walk around in and an escape hatch leads to the roof to close the gap off. The building is the same size as the LEGO bike shop and cafe, and becomes a corner piece combined to make an entire street. The bricks are built in such a way so they are sturdy and hard to break.

This would make a fantastic set for fans of LEGO City, Creator and plenty of other themes due to the fact that it's all round awesomeness. Please support this if you want this to be an actual set.


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