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The Hab


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My project is based on the movie The Martian where Mark Watney
is given for dead after a fierce storm in one of the missions Ares,
Watney will resort to his ingenuity to contact the NASA and inform them that
is alive.

The project includes a replica of the Hab that can be
Divide into 2 parts; The roofs can be removed to have a better
View of the Hab.
- a figure of Watney
- 3 space suits
- 1 cart with two boxes
- Watney's crops
- tools
- 1 bunk bed
- 2 bathrooms
- 2 computers
- the broken communications antenna

I build this because I want one of my ideas to become a Lego product and Share with several of my friends who have a taste for Lego and the Martian.

I know it will be successful because the movie is very good, too
It is popular with children and adults.

It is not proposed a series of products or a playtheme 
Not based on previous projects


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