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Dream Of Dragons Little One

Dream of dragons little one... I want to give you the back story of the idea. In May there was a competition in my LUG with the theme flying vehicles. I saw it late and as I have a baby and little time on my hands, I was a bit upset because I did not find the time to build something. And going over the idea in my head, I decided to recreate something that I am familiar with, a baby's merry go round. And so I have made the cloud and mechanism and then the dragons came into being. The prototype is a rainbow MOC, especially the cloud, but the mechanism is tested and works like a charm.

I believe that the Moc will do great as a set, as it is targeted at parents and AFOLs who are going to have a baby and what better merry go round then one made out of Lego? It also can be targeted at girls who love Lego and role playing, this set can be used to help them put their baby toy to sleep, enabling them to better understand the responsibility and range of emotions that come with taking care of a baby. Another advantage is that with the exception of the 36841 part in white and katana 21459 in lime, all the others are easily attainable. 

I hope you like the idea and vote for it becoming a set. For me it was a great way to relax, as my baby was sleeping, and I had great fun clicking the bricks together. Please comment and share your thoughts.

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