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Outer Wilds

Explore the Outer Wilds, this time in LEGO!

Based on the beloved game, this 1,190 piece set features the Spaceship, the Protagonist, the campfire, a representation of Timber Hearth, and several accessories such as the Nomai language translator and Little Scout!

The Spaceship has a full interior that can be easily accessed by removing the roof and opening the front cockpit windshield. Inside you'll find the computer, generator and gravity crystal, and cockpit controls! The Protagonist can also be inserted into the cockpit to pilot the ship. Several Spaceship attachments are also included, such as the beam of blue light and flame pieces that can attach to the thrusters.

This set is perfect for any Outer Wilds fan, big or small, whether you would love to display this on your shelf or are someone who wants to swoosh the ship around as you make your own stories.

And while a time loop can't be added, the perfect part about LEGO Outer Wilds is that you can rebuild this set again, and again, and again, no matter how many times a mission goes awry!

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