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Mecha Bathynomus Giganteus

"Machine creature"
The distant future, the environment of the earth was harsh.
A highly developed AI has created a Mecha adapted to its natural environment.
The Mecha was designed with reference to living things.
From living creatures that have survived since ancient times, we can learn a lot.

They live in the deep sea and rely on falling bait to clean the sea.
They are usually in a dormant state in order to minimize the consumption of their physical strength.
Therefore, they can fast for several years even though they are as large as 50 cm.

The white dorsal carapace is modestly decorated with an emphasis on angles.
In contrast, the legs are decorated with an excessive amount of mechanical expression. All the legs are movable.
By the way, this Lego model is more than 40 cm in length, so it is almost 1/1 scale.

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