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Traditional Polish Rural Hut


Can you imagine a place where hard work goes hand in hand with an idyllic atmosphere?
A place where you can relax sitting on a bench enjoying the view of picturesque fields and meadows with grazing cattle.
A place where the smell of hay mixes with the smell of flowers full of buzzing bees.
This place is a 20th century Polish village.

Let me invite you to the Traditional Polish Rural Hut - a charming building with blue walls and a thatched roof.


I grew up in the countryside having this great opportunity to experience many of its charms. When creating this project, I tried to recall the atmosphere of those days as accurately as possible.
My grandparents lived in one of the old wooden huts - maybe not so old like the one from this MOC but still.
My goal was to recreate the layout of the building to match what I remembered as much as possible.
That's why you can find here lovely bench (the perfect place to dine alfresco after a hard day's work), dog house, pergola with blooming flowers, resting hay rack cart and wooden ladder hanging in the back. All this surrounded by fruit trees, vegetable patches and hay drying in the sun.
Of course, I cannot fail to mention a cute cow named Krasula :)

Project details

The whole scenery was built in a microscale - the way of building that I loved at first sight. It fits into a standard 24 x 32 baseplate. The set was built of 700 parts.

I am happy if I managed to take you to the Old Polish village, even for a moment. If you enjoy it, don't spare your votes :)

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