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Modular Western Saloon/hotel Building


Hi all,

Remember the days when everyone used to play cowboys and Indians?

My Lego idea is based on the western theme of a saloon with a top floor that serves as a hotel with a reception area and 2 bedrooms with bathrooms..

I'm a big fan of the modular buildings and have based my design on a corner unit for a modular building.. The unit is built on a 32x32 plate. I dont' have a total count of the number of pieces but believe it's somewhere between 2000-2500 pieces.

During the build I encountered many challenges but really enjoyed putting it together and loved the challenges along the way. Since I've built it, my 4yr old son has been playing with it every day.

On the ground floor you will find the covered walk way + the lower floor of the saloon which includes the bar area, some tables (more can be added), a piano in the corner and underneath the stairs you will find the toilets.. on the first floor you will find the mezzanine level which has a few tables (more barrel tables and chairs can be added). From the first floor you also have the view of the downstairs and moreover there are some doors that open to the outside patio area where you will find a bench to relax..

finally on the top floor, we've created a small reception area and 2 bedrooms with a bathroom and bedroom with a bedside table. The accommodation is basic but relevant to time era.

It was great fun building my first "own" modular design and hope you all enjoy it as much as I've done building this.

I also look forward to hearing ideas on how you think it can be improved


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