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Winter Break


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I would like to introduce you to my project - Winter break.

The inspiration for this project was the set "Tales of the space age". It was because of him that I decided to do something that would have a division into foreground and background.

By creating it, I wanted to immortalize the real mountain atmosphere. That’s why I decided to add a wall at the back showing mountains with ski slopes, cable car and sky. This part can be called the second plan.
And on the first, what do we find?
Of course, a small mountain cottage with a roof in warm colors slightly covered with snow. Its walls are additionally upholstered with wood, which improves the temperature and overall appearance of the cottage. Outside the building, we will find 2 large coniferous trees and several smaller ones. We will also find a small river over which there is a bridge.
At the back of the cottage, there is a small storage room for wood and a log for chopping it. In my project you will find 6 minifigures: 1 older marriage and four children. Children playing in the snow gluing snowmen or throwing snowballs.

I think my design could be a great LEGO set, because it has fun features but also looks great. It presents a winter theme that many LEGO fans love and can be a great addition to the entire collection.

Project parameters:
length: 38 cm (15 in)
depth: 23 cm (9 in)
height: 22 cm (8,7 in)

Bye ;)

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