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Hey Everyone: So recently I learned about Lego Ideas plus I really like Jeep styled vehicles. And since Lego has no such design I decided to try my hand at the idea.  After a lot of diferent piece comdinations and coffee"isnt that how Lego works" I can present to you my Lego Jeep design. Design features for this little off-roader include four different topper combinations! It also includes clasic Jeep features like rear mounted spare tire and original vertical grill guard. It has two rows of  "leather seats" not real but they are ajustible. I am working on plenty of updates for this so stay tuned for them. This was a lot of fun to make, and I hope the you all like the build as much as I do. Thanks for the support!!!

   Design Features

1. 37x18r tires x5

2. clasic grill

3. rim flares

4. angled windshild

5. adjustible seats "front and back"

6. two removable toppers

7. rounded hood

8. windows in hard topper

9.front and rear bumper

10. real minifig scale 

11. sturdy and playable

P.S. I just realized this looks like the one Jeff Goldblum is driveing in the 2018 Super Bowl Jeep commercial :]

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