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Jetpack Joyride

Strap in and enjoy the ride with this collection of the epic vehicles from Halfbrick Studios' Jetpack Joyride video game!!

This build consists of 6 vehicles, 3 jetpacks and 2 characters

  • Lil’ Stomper - An aesthetic mech with iron plated feet, perfect for causing a scene by stomping around the lab.16+ points of articulation allowing for a wide range of posability.

  • Mr Cuddles - A mean, green, giant mechanical fire breathing dragon. Adjustable jaw, horns and fins. 7 points of articulation along spine

  • Profit Bird - This flying contraption is sure to turn a profit. It eats coins then poops cash.
Adjustable wings and beak. Mechanical money disposal system as portrayed.

  • Bad As Hog - The baddest, blackest and fastest motorcycle on the planet.

  •  Crazy Freaking Teleporter - Equipped the the ultimate ability to teleport up or down. Just avoid the zappers. 64 points of articulation

  • Wave Rider - Make a splash with this classic waterski, with a complementary with 80 billion gallons of water. 

  • Machine Gun Jetpack - The Original and the Best

  • Helicopter Jetpack -   Barry wanted this once since he was a kid.

  • Steam Powered Jetpack - Harness the power of steam using the latest steampunk technology

  • Barry - Wearing his classic old torn suit 

  • Flash - Barry’s trusty robo-dog

Thanks for taking the time to view my submission and I hope you like it!!

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