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Hailfire is a mini war robot, who, despite his size, features a very intricate design to make him as flexible and posable as possible. His coolest feature (in my own opinion) are his retractable shoulder cannons. These were inspired by various anime mecha, and enhance the playibilty of the model.

As much as I love huge multi-thousand piece models, my LEGO collection also features a lot of small collectible models like Mixels. I wanted to design a model that also fits that collectible mould, but that could also serve as a great stand-alone set. 

Containing 109 pieces, Hailfire stands over 12.8 cm (5.1 inches) tall, and is a great addition to any LEGO collection.

I hope you like the model, and thanks in advance for the feedback and support.

Feel free to have a look at all my other models as well.


A. Graham 

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