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Genuine Kashmiri Houseboat🍁


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Historically used as family homes, the houseboats of Kashmir have since become an integral and iconic symbol of the region.

Presently, houseboats are used as holiday guest houses for tourists. Besides the living and dining room, the average houseboat has several bedrooms and an inviting porch to sit and drink tea while taking in the scenery.

Tourists reach these floating hotels by boarding a smaller boat called a Shikara.
They are paddled to a small pier, from which they step onto the porch of the Houseboat.

The model has two fully furnished bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The entirety of the houseboat is beautifully carpeted in custom designed prints, focusing primarily on the Chinar leaf motif, but also containing many flowers patterns and designs. 

I wanted to build and submit something onto LEGO Ideas that has never been experienced before. Having travelled in many countries I decided to take inspiration from places I have enjoyed, and this model is the result! 

I believe the uniqueness of this model with its exquisite details offers play friendly features which culminate to make this a splendid potential addition to the LEGO Ideas product line! 

The model contains 2997 pieces.

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