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Jack Skellington's House


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This impressive model is the best recreation of the famous pumpkin king’s house from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Build at the best scale: minifigures scale. This model can light up using power functions elements. The spiral hill in the back was not planned but is essential to help the household up and turn out to be a perfect place for Jack and Sally. The hill also hides the battery case. The final model could come with Shock, Lock and Barrel in their walking bath. And of course, Jack and Sally, Zero the dog and maybe the Mayor who comes to visit. This tall display, standing at almost 2 feet/ 60 centimeters, does not have an interior for structure purposes.

I built it because I’m a long time fan of the movie and I like to represent my favorite pieces of media in LEGO. It’s also because I’ve never seen this model represented or at least to my liking. I also like to push my build skills to the limit and I thought this model at first to be impossible to create… but here it is!

I believe in my project because it’s really impressive in person and a lot of people already ask me for this model. Even if the movie is about to turn 30 next year (like me), it’s still an animated classic beloved by many to watch every holiday. From Halloween to Christmas. This model involves a lot of cool building techniques that could present a nice challenge for a 16-18+ set. 

Possible Improvements:
  • The overall structure is pretty heavy and could use some reinforcement.
  • Some pieces like the ones for the tower are not produced anymore.
  • The actual model doesn't have a back to the house.
  • The Jack minifigure could be improved using the Woody/Avatar limbs to be more accurate to the movie.
  • It could be decorated for Christmas.

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