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Motorized Nightstand Items

I've always wanted to make my room more studded to emphasize how much of a LEGO collector I am. So with this, you can. This has all the power functions in it, the fan spins and rotates, the lamp lights up, and the alarm clock has the battery box. I modeled these items loosely on what I have in my room normally. These three items are all one thing and don't need to be plugged in. However, they should have wires connecting them, but unfortunately I wasn't able to include that due to Bricklink Studio's lack of wires. The fan is able to spin and rotate individually. The alarm clock houses the battery box, and you can set it to a set time. And the lamp can light up, and you can take off the lamp shade, and take the light bulb out. These are all life-sized and fully functional. This is my first IDEA so let me know how I did.

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