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Windmill Bakery & Cafe


Hi, Lego fans around the world.

I am excited to present to you my first Lego Idea.

And, I hope you like it.


Basic info

  • Name: Windmill Bakery & Cafe
  • Total parts: about 2,998 bricks
  • Size(wings included): 15.6”(39.5cm) high, 9.8”(25cm) long and 11.4(29cm) wide
  • Minifigs: 10 people and 3 animals



  • After several months of renovation, an abandoned old-windmill has been converted into a bakery.
  • Former hotel pastry chefs, Ted and Jenny (husband and wife) are the owners of this bakery shop.
  • On the second floor, there is an outdoor café.
  • Also, the windmill is open for visitors on weekends.



There were a lot of technical difficulties. So, I downloaded and read all modular model and other instructions. Actually, there are several stuffs that I borrowed from existing models, such as cakes from ‘Assembly square’, refrig from ‘Firehouse HQ,’ and pipes from ‘Old fishing store.’

I appreciate it.


I wish I have a chance to introduce a winter decor version in December.

Thank you for reading. And, your suggestions & comments are welcome.

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Flourmill gimmicks (last image) 

  1. turn around the small wings(1) -> big front wings(2) and the milestone(3) spin simultaneously
  2. push 1x1 round tiles(up to four) into the hole(4) -> you can see them dropping through the window(5) -> pull the handle and empty the barrel(6)

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