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Brickfilm Set: House

How I created it:
I created this with Bricklink Studio

What is it?
This is a product idea with everything you need for a Lego® stop-motion house. Each wall can come off separately and you can switch the furniture for different rooms.
What's in it?


This is the food you can put in the oven, refrigerator and microwave.

– Raw meat on a bone
– Chicken
– Pepperoni pizza
– Four carrots
– Sausage
– Chicken drumstick
– Yellow pie
– Apple
– Loaf of bread
– Blue popsicle
– Ice cream on a cone


These are the accessories that the minifigures use.

– Lavender pan
– Coffee cup
– Four red mugs
– Five white plates
– Brown book


This is the furniture that you can switch out for different rooms.

– Corner couch
– Living room chair
– Brown end table
– Bunk bed with moveable blankets
– Little brown end table
– White adult bed with moveable blanket
– Dining table
– Four brown dining chairs
– Oven with stove and open and close door
– Microwave with open and close door
– Refrigerator with open and close doors
– Gray counter with sink and longer end
– Toilet
– White bathtub
– Gray counter with sink


These are the minifigures that you can use in the stop-motions.

– Boy with size medium blue legs, orange shirt and brown hair
– Girl with size medium light blue legs, purple shirt and brown pigtails
– Dad with brown legs, blue shirt and brown hair
– Mom with brown legs, white shirt with pink sleeves and brown hair

P.S. You can have the microwave on the kitchen counter.

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