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Black Chrome... aka Orphan Soul Hero Party


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Batman is an artist, he has a flare for the extravagant, and this is no doubt one of his best to date expressions of these facts.

Obviously the minifigures I've selected in the cover photograph are eye catching and would be an excellent choice, but - if this project were to gain the necessary support etc - I was hoping that the good people at Lego might release - as a limited edition with this set - a BLACK CHROME BATMAN!! and some of Batman's friends, Robin, with a dark red CHROME suit and a teddy bear. Catwoman, and maybe even Wilstyle, Emmett and Vitruvius making a guest appearance, not as a Lego Movie set, but in a kind of whacky fun ROCK n ROLL theme, with Bat-Speakers, Bat-Dance floor, and maybe even a Bat-Stage complete with guitars, drums, mics etc. And a black cat.

there are around 570 pieces in the vehicle alone

a sound chip and some lights would make this a most wanted and best selling set.

I was also hoping for some new unique Bat-dashboard/console printed tiles black with guages and a batman logo, 


I'm currently in the process of creating a Bat-trailer, so Batman can transport his stage and musical equipment to the next gig "Check out the new subwoofers I installed in the back!"


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